Terms and Conditions

  1. alipaytm ltd donot exchange any illigle client online.
  2. you can exchange only wallet to wallet from alipaytm.

  3. your small blance buy /sell alipaytm ltd plartfrom.
  4. alipaytm minimum exchange 1 dollar but you remember that wallet to wallet exchange free donot bear alipaytm ltd. please convert your dollar buy /sell you can receive.
  5. alipaytm exchange free donot fix because wallet  to wallet exchange. EXAMPLE; sent 1 dollar perfect money - you receive 1 dollar payeer wallet  minimum charge receive alipaytm ltd .you receive 0.90 cent in your wallet.
  6. our payment complete time 1 hour to 1 day.
  7. exchange free change any time because  dependent on wallet exchanger